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Various cultures from all around the world consider feathers as magical, mystical items that, when encountered, signal a special message to the receiver. It’s a belief that is seen in most tribal/ancient cultures, from the Egyptians and the Celtics, to the Native Americans and the Aborigines of Australia. All around the world, people revere feathers as a direct line to the divine. It makes sense: birds have always been considered holy or sacred creatures by ancient peoples because of their ability to fly close to the heavens. Our ancestors believed that birds carried prayers, souls, wishes, and good luck from the earth to the sky. Because of their connection to the Divine, finding feathers was often a sign of good luck or a connection with the spirit world (hence ancient peoples use of feathers in their garments), and while each color of feather represented something different, each one was taken as a sign that a Divine presence is watching over you. 

The expression ‘ A feather in your cap ‘ is used to mean honor to you; it refers to the custom among many European countries of adding a feather in the hat after achieving something. 

In Native American cultures, the abalone shell is used as a smudge bowl to burn sage in. 

They believed that the abalone and sage together would carry their messages up to heaven. ... 

Abalone meaning is one of solace, a connection to the ocean, the cycle of life, protection and ancient travel.

Chrysoprase, is a gemstone variety of green chalcedony. Because of its beautiful color it is said to be associated with the heart chakra, heart healing, and aids in the opening, and activating energises of the heart and sacral chakras. It balances yin-yang energy, and assists in deep meditative states, which imparts a sense of well being and a deep feeling of connection.

Caring for your vermeil jewelry

Vermeil is a thin layer of 18k gold over sterling silver. To extend the life of your gold plated vermeil jewelry, avoid wearing when bathing, applying perfume or lotion, or when working out. 

It is best to keep your vermeil jewelry in a closed jewelry bag or box to prevent the gradual effects of oxidation.

To clean, buff gently with a soft and dry microfiber polishing cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners on gold plated vermeil jewelry.

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