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For OCEAN Lovers. If you believe in Mermaids...

Updated: Jan 21, 2021


Welcome to Wild Acorns, We offer hand made custom jewelry, home goods, and accessories.

If you believe in mermaids, then you understand the mysterious and complex world of the divine feminine. If you or a loved one is a mermaid, or an ocean lover, then this handmade custom jewelry is for you.

I use a variety of charms, talismans, and handmade words. The words can be customized, or shop the website from the word charms offered today. OCEAN, MERMAID, LOVE, FAITH, SACRED and NAMASTE, As the web-site grows, more will be offered. Choose from bronze, as well as sterling silver word charms.

The symbolism of MERMAID is one that is tied to lore that goes back in recorded history, as far as the time of ancient Greece, and possibly further to that of forgotten civilizations...

Here is a necklace for you, or your favorite OCEAN lover.

When I think of mermaids, what I most relate to is a depth of feeling, as deep as any ocean, that of love, empathy and intuition. The cowry shell, is not only a shell, but represents money, abundance, and a feminine symbol in some cultures. Labradorite, looks very much like the sea on a sunny day, when the sunlight casts its golden rays into the depths. It is about helping the shy person to shine. We all want to shine, in some regard. The vermeil starfish, is an ocean totem, and also a celestial symbol. Together they all hang harmoniously from a 32" leather, cord with adjustable slip knot closure.

Each piece is born from passion, creativity, and love.

I hope you feel it.

Kindly, Mia

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